"Maintaining my Independent Contractor's status is very important to me. I'm happy that CCTO is there to protect all of us who work under the IC umbrella."

Susan Dushane

"The exemption for AB5 saved my job! If that had passed, the agency I am affiliated with would have had to close, and I'd have been out of my post-retirement dream job. I love being able to work from home when I wish to, and for however long I want to, wearing whatever I feel like wearing. To sit in an agency office as an employee, with all the requirements an employee must meet, was not and is not the way I want to spend my work hours. Thank YOU, CCTO, for working on my behalf to save my dream job!"

Susan Macaluso

"I am extremely happy with the job CCTO did on helping me fight AB5 which would have put me out of business. Our industry is very lucky to have this organization in our corner."

Pam Milton
LDJ Travel LLC

"CCTO's great work allows CA travel advisors to have the freedom to choose how we work and who we work with. It helps travel advisors create work-life balance and achieve the financial freedom they aspire."

Debby Leong

"Far too often, career politicians cannot understand that many American workers prefer being independent contractors. We truly enjoy the flexibility, direct compensation for our efforts and pride in building our own businesses. Legislators are continually proposing new laws and restrictions that would negatively affect us. While we're dedicating our energy to our own businesses, we have the CCTO to thank for lobbying on our behalf and protecting our industry from unnecessary policies. Thank you all for having our backs!"

Tama Holve

"It was the support from organizations like CCTO and ASTA, that prepared me to meet with my representative. It was clear he did not understand the travel agent /host agency model. It was our meeting that changed his mind and he voted to exclude Travel Agents from AB5."

Sandra G Lipkowitz

"I went with Terry Reagan to the AB5 hearings. I am an IC in his agency. We figured out that AB5 would have cut my pay by 30% at least."

Nancy Smart
Berkeley Northside Travel

"The current situation for ICs in California is exactly what we need to survive in an increasingly volatile work space. There are plenty of consumer protections by being hosted, so our state has less to worry about in regards to fraud and other misdeeds that occur in our industry elsewhere. It also allows ICs to work as independent business people but still have the support of a host agency, which is beyond valuable in these times as we transition from pandemic to endemic. Both sides still need each other to get the work done without being tied up in more involved contracts that would take that flexibility away."

Kimberly Sargen, CTA, VTA
Nipomo Travel


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